Saturday, September 12, 2015

Back in Washtenaw County

After a fun and highly educational four years in Ingham Co. I find myself back in the familiar mixed florescent-incandescent glow, wood veneer everything and auto memorabilia of Theo's on Michigan Avenue in Lansing with a mind on fire.  I left Lansing halfway through my birth-month July a number of weekslikedays ago for yet another new restaurant and a quieter existence in Saline.  For those who don't personally know me my name is Brian.  I cook and fix things in an unrelenting journey to do well by all around me and who cross my path on my way... Speaking of ways I seem to have lost mine... Yes!  Now, submerged in the modeled light and frequent outbursts of patrons and staff alike in this 24/7 haven in the otherwise harsh and unwelcoming food desert called mid-michigan, I am filled with ideas and hope for new shit!  It's funny to think how many of the best and most creative moments in life can spring from such a deficit in said things.  Food has been a huge part of my life and most of my time in the past nine years have been spent in on the way to or out of kitchens.  Probably my favorite room in just about any building graced to have one, and now I am sitting alternately sipping on coffee hot cocoa and water imagining ways to give a similar familiar vibe comfort and sustenance to folks wherever hungry mouths and minds maybe found after dark.  Something about the light and veneer take me back to the 70's and 80's diners or breakfast clubs all over our lovely Midwest, and I am rapture'd with the thought "I can do this anywhere!"     Well that's enough for now I suppose... More later thoughts rants and meals to come, thanks for tuning in and have a safe ride!!

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